Takumi Nations is a group of multinational professionals with complementary skills who are committed to the True End-to-End Value Chain Orchestra.


Our team comprises entrepreneurs, manufacturers, marketers, fashion takumi, designers, product takumi, merchants, visual merchandising takumi, sourcing takumi and process reengineering takumi, each of us with our own dynamic mix of industry expertise, cultural connections and other experiences.


We are devoted to achieve excellence in everything we do.  It is our commitment to provide innovative services and talents to accomplish your business requirements.




Massimiliano Maggiolo


Creative Director, Fashion Trend Advisor and Personal Styling Advisor

Jason Lin


Design Company Owner, China Business Development Advisor and Brand Management Advisor

Steve Burkhardt


Global Business Development Advisor

Bobet Romualdo


University Professor and Total Marketing Management Advisor

Victor Khoo


Design Company Owner, Fashion Stylist and Fashion Design Advisor

Francis Leung


Visual Merchandising Company Owner, Visual Merchandising Advisor

Wilson Wu


Apparel Production Business Owner, Embroidery & Printing Business Owner

Oscar Kwan


UK Project Executive

Grace Wong


Total Quality Management Advisor and Global Project Executive

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