Corporate Identity OneStop Service

Design Hub

Apparel Production

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1.  Corporate Identity OneStop Service


Having a strong brand and corporate identity is important to every business's success.

Customers want to know who you are, what you do, what you value, and why you do.


A strong identity requires consistency and careful management,  we are here to provide you an "OneStop" service.

We specialize in logo design, staff image styling, uniform design and uniform production.



2.  Design Hub


Logo Design

Company logo, brand logo, team logo and campaign logo design.


Graphic Design

Specialized in apparel and fabric graphic design.


Collection Architect

“OneStop” service from trend research, mood board, story board, color board, collection design, sampling, product line management and bulk production.



3.  Apparel Production


Uniform Production

School uniform

Team uniform

Event uniform

Business uniform


Apparel Production

Sample production, bulk production.

Specialized in small order production.



4.  Business Solutions


Interim Management

Brand Management, Product Development, Product Management, Merchandising, Buying, Process Management, Sales & Marketing and Startup.


Special Projects

End-to-End Value Chain Process Refinement, Business Model Transformation, Product Management, Brand Management, Visual Merchandising, Talent Development, Organization Transformation, Japanese Document Translation.

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